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It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted any of my travel journals here! Feels great to be back! and sharing some of the sketches and paintings I created on our last trip to glorious Barbados in February.

I would like to give Barbara Bash (http://www.barbarabash.com/) a big shout out for being a huge inspiration with her book True Nature, An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude. She has the most wonderful way of capturing the essence of things, both visually and in her writing. Out of reading her book, and appreciating her artwork – I purchased a new watercolor sketchbook and set out to allow myself to create in new ways on this trip. I gave myself permission to focus on something small, a detail, or just a part of something – instead of thinking I had to create a complete picture! This was not only a great exercise, it was also fun!

I hope you enjoy these images – MAE



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I just returned from the most wonderful trip to Oaxaca, Mexico with Kate McGloughlin, Dan Lipow and company! They have created a fantastic organization that’s committed to bringing artists and photographers to exciting destinations around the world – to paint, sketch, do printmaking and hone their image making abilities! What’s not to love? We stayed at the sweetest small hotel, Hostal Casa del Sotano, just a few blocks from the Cathedral de Santo Domingo and the Zocolo. We had spectacular views from our open-air breakfast patio looking out over layers of rooftops, the statuesque spires and domed roofs of Santo Domingo and other cathedrals, and off to the distant mountains that surround the city. And at dusk all the cathedrals are lit up which creates a wonderland of images from this very spot.

Over the next series of days, I’ll share some of my sketches, paintings and prints from the trip. Enjoy!

This symbol of the sacred heart is everywhere in Mexico, but our hotel had giant ones hanging at the entrance and when you first walked into the foyer. So fabulous!

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