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Another fabulous excursion to Grasse! LOVE this “Welcome to the Riviera” brochure the Army gave Dad. I’ve scanned in most of it and will share it at the end of today’s post.

5 April 1945 V-Mail

Hello, honey – what a perfectly swell day! Bright sun (I have the beginning of a tan) and up at 8 AM for 2 sunny side up eggs, and down to the Red Cross to catch the “bus” (an ordinary 2 1/2 ton GI truck) for “Le Tour de Grasse”. Grasse is back from the Coast, up in the mts, & it was a beautiful trip there. We had a fine lunch in a big hotel with view clear down to the Sea, then went up a bit higher to a garden where, among others, Napoleons sister, and Queen Victoria spent a lot of time (at different times – yes). Then for a visit at a perfume factory (bit of graft there, I suspect) where we were “allowed” to purchase. I didn’t go for much except some “solid” perfume in 5 small wooden dice, which I will send on to you (200 F for the 5). Then down to Cannes, and back along the coast road through Antibes, Juan de Pins, etc to Nice at 1630. A swell excursion – Peacetime $28.00, me, for free! What a time we could have here on bicycles with Karen in a cart behind mine! I love you guys!!!


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Wow, this is not an April Fool’s joke – Dad’s name was drawn out of a hat and voila! He’s on a train heading south for a 7 day vacation! What a lucky guy! Now I understand all the memorabilia that I found from the South of France in his personal effects. These letters are precious, and I have so many little odds and ends to share, that I will post one letter per day with pictures and souvenirs from his journey.

1 Apr 1945 V-Mail

I don’t believe it myself – but here I am in NICE, FRANCE!! The Riviera! Thurs night we were having a meeting, and about 9:30 PM, the (?) came in and sez we have one man going to leave 6:15AM Friday for a 7 day furlough – and out of a hat comes NEIBAUER! My laundry had not come back, I’d sent you most of my money – but I scraped around, borrowed everything from everybody, and here I am in as beautiful a spot as you’d ever see! Rode a truck down through Munchen – Glad – back to Aachen where we hopped a train for all the way here. It was first class, but even so, sitting up for 48 hours was pretty tiring. We came through Marseilles & Cannes (along the Med. Sea) and arrived here about 2:30 this afternoon. We’re in a huge hotel (3 men in my room) overlooking the whole city. Had a bath & shave and went down to a turkey dinner with waiters serving, lighting our cigs – etc! Tonight I went to what was the finest casino here (now the Red Cross Club) to see a French vaudeville show – had a few beers – and now 11:30 PM – home – very tired – to crawl between sheets! Oh me! Golly, but I wish you & Karen were here –  I love you so

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