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This letter is so easy to read, I’ve decided to post it as is and not transcribe it. To me, the most powerful message in the letter are these words: “Boy, those guys up front are really going again and our hopes are dreaming up ideas. We’re torn between two instinctive feelings of not being able to comprehend the day when this damn thing is really all over (you get to the point where you simply forget to think of yourself as anything but a cog that just goes on grinding in the ‘Ahmy’ until eternity) and vague fancies of getting on the boat over here —seeing the Statue of Liberty — walking in the front door — etc —“.


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I’m writing this on Saturday August 27th, figuring I’ll post it tomorrow, Sunday assuming we all haven’t been blown away by Hurricane Irene! It seemed like a fitting tribute to the weather this weekend, and who would have dreamed this was one of the hazards of driving those Army jeeps through small town streets!! I remember my Dad saying how much he loved the cartoons in Stars & Stripes.

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