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Finally the letters are flowing in and this is one of the few things that really makes my Dad happy – no mail, very sad. Interesting reference to their heating and light bill for two months of $80 and what an outrage that is! Also at the end of the second letter, his comments about yearning to walk down a street and see the lights of the homes on, after being in black out for so long.

8 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Dearest Mary – Ha heh heh hee whee – I’m delirious! 3 ltrs from you today! And recent! Jan 19-21-29th. Also one from M. Grimes (new address, Apt 32, 1256 Jones St – Frisco). What’s this $80 for Nov & Dec. heat & light bill? $40 a mo. for h & C?!!! Must be installation or something else in there, no? My gosh, Macy’s should have such a bill! $4.25 a mo. is no bargain for water either, for winter. What about when summer comes & you water the lawn & garden?

How nice that your whole family could be together a while! I’m missing ltrs telling of details, but sounds as though you’d had a grand time – EXCEPT – do I have to get severe about this getting sleep business?

I’m sleeping in a tremendous big room (since joining the co) and enjoy the evening bull sessions that go on around me. Have all kinds of space to keep my German ammo box “footlocker”, small dresser, & bed and barracks bag, of course. Finished reading the Alex Woolcoth book – thoroughly enjoyed it – but what happened to about 50 pages torn of the middle of it? Now reading Thurbers “Leave your Mind Alone” & laugh out loud at his stuff. But mostly I miss you & Miss K – Pappy

10 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Hello, my darling – I’m overwhelmed. I’m speechless. 8 ltrs today! Four from you – covering quite a span – Jan 12,29,31 & Feb 2! Now that last one is what I call service! I’m highly in favor of the Spanish project. I imagine all of you women will have a wonderful time talking over my head by the time I get home. I’m delighted to hear such things as Karen dressing herself, johning herself, etc. Those simple little occurrences probably seem trivial to you there where you are commonplace, but they’re amusing shafts of light to me.   Coming through a small town tonight in the blackout, I could barely make out the silhouette of a street light hanging out in the middle of the st. And I got to thinking about quiet, peaceful little towns with the lights on! Anytime (for so long) when we’re able to see even a crack of light in a window we’re inclined to raucous comment on “jerks who don’t black-out” and, or course, many threats of “shoot the —- lights out!”

It’ll be nice to take walks in the evenings with you and Miss K and see the lights of our house when we come back. Ah me – the stuff that dreams are made on! All my love, Rollie


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In the first letter to Mary, Dad mentions that he got to see Marlene Dietrich in a live show! THAT must have been amazing for the guys! But more interesting in the second letter to his Dad is his telling about going to “church” every Sunday and where some of the “churches” have been since he’s been in the field. I found his little Bible that I now know his Dad gave him, with all his war stuff – so will share a picture of it with you here.

5 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Hello, Sweetie, Yesterday was another good day! 4 ltrs again with two from you – Jan 9 & 10. Wonderful – about Karen whispering in your ear at 2 AM about her candles! My gosh –‘s good thing they got the bonus ironed out! $700 ain’t to be lost on a technicality! Anyway, it was swell to get mail. Dad sent me clippings (as always – ) and one was something about picking Man of Year, in sports. P.I.’s idea included my friend Harry Givan & Leon Brigham. I don’t know why, but I felt inclined so I wrote a fan letter to Brig! Kept it decent, though, only saying that to me and undoubtedly hundreds of other guys he was much more than just a “man of the year”!

Today I saw (woo-woo-gr rough – wolf ft!!) Marlene Dietrich. She looks mighty fine. Does the comedy-mind-reading act with the M.C. (“what’s this Cpl’s girl’s name – around the neck” – Miss D. “Pearl” etc and sang “See What The Boys in the Backroom etc” & showed one of the glamorous gams. A singer (Rd to Madalay) a pianist, a gal comedienne & MC travel with her. Good show. But I’ll still settle for you & Miss K.
All my love, Pappy

To Frank (at same address)
7 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Dear Dad – After not hearing from you for a long time, I finally got two of your letters yesterday & the day before. Dec 28th & Jan 6th. Thanks for the clippings & enclosed ltr of Harolds. I sure enjoyed “Meet Earl Kiner”! Say hello to him & Katherine & Larry for me. I’m so glad that yo got the Rosary from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris & liked it. I carry my bible from you with me all the time & go to church almost every Sunday. Some of the places we’ve had services are pretty peculiar. When we were “in the field” in France, Bel & Holland we just used to sit down on our helmets, rifles by our sides (funny to take guns to church, hmm?) and have the service in an orchard or under a big tree. Now that we’re inside, we have had pretty good rooms (also used as mess hall, movies etc) but one place was a big, blasted power plant with bits of roof & wall & machinery scattered around the floor. Mary wrote that she was delighted with the dress for Karen. You must have heard from her by now because she said she had written to you. Now don’t work too hard, Dad. Very best to you, Aunt Mag & Harold & Rene – your son

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2 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Hello, baby – your DEC 15 ltr arrived yesterday. Nothing today. Wonderful mail service, hmm? You were a busy kid around holiday time, weren’t you Hope you had a wonderful time, darling. The “Corner” is shaping up fine. Have all the important maps now so can start concentrating on details. I type out the radio news every morning at nine. Give it “dictation speed” for just our purpose. Before that I straighten up the books & papers that are scattered around from night before, and after the broadcast I post the new locations, and peruse my N.Y. Times for special articles. Their “News of Week” is very helpful. I’m still coloring “Japan held” territory in one color, and putting dates & strings etc on our occupied islands. I’m going to cut out B29 planes & show them flying from Saipan to Tokyo etc. Ain’t Karen & I going to have fun cutting out paper dolls? A few more months of this life and I’ll be ready for it!! I was thinking, Readers Digest should have a set-up such as I’m working up. You sell ’em the idea & I’lll come back and fix it up. Gratis! Gladly!!! I love you, darling

4 Feb 1945 V-Mail

Good evening, Cutie pants – I’m sitting on top o’ the world today! Got four ltrs — one each Mom & Dad, & 2 from you – Jan 3 & 8th. Poor Mercedes. Tell her I hope her throat is fine now. And Mary – poor lil kid! Having to work so hard around the house! But the egg-nog probably helps keep up the energy! Hope they do more good than the cream & ginger – ale diet that was supposed to put weight on you. Remember?  How is it you can always find such pleasant ways to pretend to get fat? “Laced with rum”, indeed! You’d better not be a skinny ol’ sot when I get home or we’ll have to go on to a plain steak -and-potatoes diet! I’ll show you! Gosh, it’s good to hear about you & Karen. I can see her following you around & sleeping with you on those cold nights. Wonderful. We’ve had a few days of real Spring weather. Except for a few hillsides, the snow has vanished – and we’ve had steady rain. War news gets better & better and we’re hopefulller & hopefuller! We had the best band & show (all male GI) last night I’ve seen overseas! But nothing would please me quite as much as just following Karen – as she follows you as you work. What a parade that will Be!!! I LOVE you guys – Pappy

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